Why we chose our logo?

Corrie Rumple

Corrie Rumple

Why we chose our logo

Why we chose our logo. There was no real method to our madness for why we chose our logo, a crown and car. But it certainly wasn’t a choice we made lightly. 

Your logo represents your brand. It should be strong and it should tell a story.

 A car is pretty obvious, but the crown is a bit of a mystery for some. We’ve been asked the question before.

Why did we choose a crown for our logo?

One of the first scribbles in my notes was a crown when visualizing what our logo might be and represent. 

My scribbles.

Entrepeneur scribblings

A crown.

It represents power and authority.

 It’s the exact character we want to extend when our clients use our services.

 How many times have people gone car shopping feeling the exact opposite?

They often feel powerless.

We want our clients to have the authority over their very important financial decisions and to feel advocated for when we go to work for them.

After some more scribbles, I called a talented designer friend who agreed to take our ideas and a few conversations from just a vision to a symbol we love and built our vision on.

When Mike made the decision to leave his successful car sales career, it was a faith thing.

When we chose to ride out the six month drought with no paying clients at the start of this adventure, it was a faith thing.

When we chose a crown for our logo, it was a faith thing.

The crown is both representative of our client experience as well as the culture we are building.

We honor God, who is our ultimate authority, in our work because He makes the way for it! 

The crown is a symbol of authority over our business.

Your Car Buying Advocate Logo with a Crown

That’s why we chose our logo, the crown and a car.


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