We serve you; not the dealership

Your Car Buying Advocate is a network of independent expert car buyers you can hire to negotiate your car deal saving you a whole lot of Time. Stress. Headaches.

At YCBA, we teach you how we negotiate awesome car deals without stepping foot inside a dealership.

And if you’re too busy,  feel anxious, or just want someone to do it for you, our car buying concierge service saves you time and gives you the peace of mind knowing you’ll never be ripped off.

How can we help you?

YCBA time saver

Save Time

The traditional car buying experience drags all day long. Learn how we get our clients awesome deals without spending a minute inside the dealership.

YCBA saves headaches

Save Headaches

Haggling for a vehicle can cause a lot of anxiety. Not everyone has the personality or knowledge to negotiate effectively. You can learn from us or you can hire an expert auto advocate to haggle for you!

YCBA reduces stress

We Work For you

Unlike free car buying sites that sell your contact info to dealerships and bombard your email and phone, we never share your contact information.

We're Different
Here's Why

YCBA works for the consumer and not for the dealer.

Upfront pricing, no sliding scales and no mystery fees.

Compensation or Kickbacks from dealerships are never accepted. We work for the consumer.

We don’t share your contact information and you won’t be bombarded with calls and emails.

In a world of AI, we stay committed to an authentic and personal service.

We listen to your needs, with no dog in the race. In other words, we don’t care what vehicle you want or where you want to buy it unlike other brokers or consumer (claimed) car buying sites. Our job is to advocate for you.

The traditional car buying experience is a pain.

No one has the time or patience to play games.

YCBA is the real deal.

Confessions of a Former Car Salesman

how to negotiate a car deal
car negotiating

How to Negotiate a Car Deal: Like a pro

This blog exists to teach you how to negotiate a car deal. I find that stories are really good tools for learning. So today I want to share a story about negotiating a car deal in pieces and what I did to get my client a good deal.

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Your Car Buying Advocate - Rumple family

Our Story

We’re family owned. Mike is a former high-performing car salesman turned car-buying consumer advocate. He spends his days breaking the rules the auto industry has set for the consumer buying process. He’s got a love for God, a love for his wife, and a love for his three kids. 

Corrie is a recovering car buyer. After making unsure car purchases independently over the years, she finally found her solution. MIKE. So she married him. Corrie handles the back office, crosses the T’s, dots the I’s and digital yada-yada. She’s a mom and a faith-leaper from corporate cubicle to entrepreneur. 

Together, they founded Your Car Buying Advocate Inc.

What our clients say

Jared Gulden
Jared Gulden
11:37 15 Apr 21
I recently used Your Car Buying Advocate to lease a new Toyota Tacoma SR and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the... service Mike provides. I’ve never been a fan of the traditional car buying experience. I don’t like dealing with pushy salesmen and spending days visiting different dealers to try and find the best deal. Mike handled all of this for me. We set up a zoom call to discuss what vehicle I was looking for, talked about my budget, and discussed if we thought his service was right for me. Once he was ready to start working on my deal, he sent me some offers and he walked me through the details so I understood everything I was getting. We made a quick three-way call with the dealership so he could lock in the deal with me on the phone, and next thing I know I’m picking up my new truck at the dealership. I probably invested an hour or two of my time from the beginning of this process to the end. Mike made the process so transparent and was a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend giving Your Car Buying Advocate a call for your next car purchase/lease.read more
Lynn Turner
Lynn Turner
16:18 23 Mar 21
Wow! How easy can buying a car be when you already know what you want. I explained to Mike what I wanted and within two... days Mike had found it and made an unbelievable deal. On top of those two priorities, I never left my house. Mike provides an unbelievable service and when I buy again I will do it the same way!read more
Peter Cubeta
Peter Cubeta
19:20 04 Mar 21
Take my advise and stay away from Your Car Buying Advocate!!! That is, of course, unless you want a whole new, amazing... car buying experience. Mike negotiated a deal for me that I'd never thought possible, and the best part was that, after all the dust settled, the dealership treated me like their most valued customer. I told my son, who'd just bought a new car on his own, what the bottom-line numbers were on my (Mike's) deal, and for the first time in a long time, I saw tears in his eyes. So do yourself a huge $$$ favor and have Mike represent you. Five Stars to the Nth power.read more
Matthew Tosiello
Matthew Tosiello
00:15 06 Dec 20
I'm a pretty good negotiator but frankly I didn't want to deal with it this time around. In the past I've gotten really... great deals but only after contacting multiple dealers, playing them off each other, and ultimately spending long periods of time inside dealerships playing games. In a pandemic that was not an option and I'm too busy with work to do that right now anyhow. I asked for local recommendations for brokers or concierges here in Detroit but nobody called me back! I was resigned to doing it myself when I ran across Mike's page. I typically don't like to do business off Google searches but in this case I was very pleasantly surprised. I contacted Mike just before Thanksgiving and he got right back to me. Even with the holiday, one week later I'm driving the exact make and model that I wanted and get this, Mike beat my deal by $1200 easily paying for his fee. He was THOROUGH, supportive, and so easy to work with even though he's in Ohio. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again and I have already referred him to friends and coworkers. Car buying is a miserable experience but Mike made it very easy. He even offered to be on the phone when I was in the dreaded finance office. One last note, there's a big difference between Mike and a car broker. Your fee is what pays for his service - not a kickback from a dealer so you can feel good that whatever deal he gets is the best one. Thanks Mike!read more
Michael Carney
Michael Carney
02:42 16 Sep 20
I had never considered having someone do all the work for me when it came to buying my truck. I had begun researching... how to go into a dealership to be sure I had the upper hand and to get the best buy for my money. During one of my search efforts I came across an article about Your Car Buying Advocate, read it, read some more, and was impressed and thought I'd contact Mike Rumple directly. He took the time to listen to my goals and assigned Mick to me. Within an hour I was going back and forth with Mick narrowing down exactly what I wanted and how much I was comfortable buying and paying for this new truck. Mick gave me a feeling of reassurance and comfort with the whole process. After searching for a few days all over the US he found the perfect vehicle that met my goal 100% about 300 miles from my home. He set the whole thing up that all I had to do was arrive, sign the papers, and take possession of my truck literally. Turns out as I was on my way to pick it up there was a problem with the vehicle. Mick called the dealer and then called me back to tell me I was getting MORE than I asked for, that the dealer didn't want me to be unhappy, PLUS he negotiated with that dealer and saved me an additional $2500 for their mistake, bringing the total saved by using this service to just over $11,000. If I had tried to do this on my own I would have ended up paying $1,000 over the sticker price but convinced that I was getting a good deal until I got home and let it all sink in. I plan on using Your Car Buying Advocate again in the future. Their service, value, communication, attention to my wants, professionalism, and openness were just what I needed. Thanks Mike and Mick!read more
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