Buy or sell a car stress-free

Your Car Buying Advocate is a car buying service and concierge you can hire to negotiate with car dealerships saving you a whole lot of Time. Stress. Headaches.

At YCBA, we teach you how we negotiate awesome car deals without stepping foot inside a dealership.

If you’re too busy,  feel anxious, or just want someone to do it for you, our car buying concierge service saves you time and gives you the peace of mind knowing you’ll never be ripped off. Let our car buying advocates help.

Car Buying Service Saves Time

Save Time

The traditional car buying experience drags all day long. Learn how we get our clients awesome deals without spending a minute inside the dealership.

YCBA saves headaches

Save Headaches

Haggling for a vehicle can cause a lot of anxiety. Not everyone has the personality or knowledge to negotiate effectively. You can learn from us or you can hire an expert auto advocate to haggle for you!

YCBA reduces stress

We Work For you

Unlike free car buying sites that sell your contact info to dealerships and bombard your email and phone, we never share your contact information.

We're Different
Here's Why

YCBA works for the consumer and not for the dealer.

Upfront pricing, no sliding scales and no mystery fees.

Compensation or Kickbacks from dealerships are never accepted. We work for the consumer.

We don’t share your contact information and you won’t be bombarded with calls and emails.

In a world of AI, we stay committed to an authentic and personal service.

We listen to your needs, with no dog in the race. In other words, we don’t care what vehicle you want or where you want to buy it unlike other brokers or consumer (claimed) car buying sites. Our job is to advocate for you.

The traditional car buying experience is a pain.

No one has the time or patience to play games.

YCBA is the real deal.

Confessions of a Former Car Salesman

car negotiating

How to find a car invoice price

Knowing how to find a car invoice price or the exact MSRP of a vehicle is helpful in doing a vehicle search. In this short video, Mike walks you through finding a dealer cost, or invoice price, using NADA. Knowing this information makes it easier to do a more targeted vehicle search and for negotiating.

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Your Car Buying Advocate - Rumple family

Our Story

Mike is Founder and former high-performing car salesman turned car-buying consumer advocate. He spends his days breaking the rules the auto industry has set for the consumer buying process. He’s got a love for God, a love for his wife, and a love for his three kids. 

Corrie is a recovering car buyer. After making unsure car purchases independently over the years, she finally found her solution. MIKE. So she married him. Corrie handles the back office, crosses the T’s, dots the I’s and digital yada-yada. She’s a mom and a faith-leaper from corporate cubicle to entrepreneur. 

Together, they founded Your Car Buying Advocate Inc.

What our clients say

Google Reviews
Peter Truong
Peter Truong
16:18 29 Aug 22
If you watch some of YCBA's media segments, Mike Rumple teaches car buyers and says that there is no magic to what they do but there are people out there who can get deals by following his advice yet still rather have YCBA do the leg work. I received a free consultation phone call. They gave me a rundown of the current new car buying market; none of that information was anything I didn't already know. I was hoping they would be able to leverage their experience and skills in the auto sale industry, but I was told the best they could do was MSRP which was a deal I already had on the table, and they advised me to take it. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who don't / don't want to do much research or want to be hands-off in the car buying process. I'm just one of those outside the parameters of their customer base. Only feedback I would give for improvements would be to explicitly post on their website that the best they can do for buying new cars is MSRP; that would have saved me from filling out an interest form, phone call, and this review.
Cessly Hotard
Cessly Hotard
00:06 21 Aug 22
Joe was fantastic from atart to finished. He helped me with every question and was there any time I need help. He scoured the US for me, finding exactly what I want. I highly recommend this service.
Mark Anthony S. Cruz
Mark Anthony S. Cruz
05:26 11 Jul 22
I've been a fan of Chevy Dude on YouTube, and during one of his segments on buying a 2022 used car, YCBA (Your Car Buying Advocate) was mentioned. I was delighted to find out about this type of service. I checked it out and spoke to Mike, telling him details of what I was trying to accomplish. In a highly challenging market, I was referred to YCBA's named Mark. I gave Mark the assignment of locating a low-mileage quality used car in one week. He achieved this in only three days (with only 800 miles)! I was impressed with his honest feedback (especially when he told us that it's impossible to get a new car within our timeline), responsiveness, and professionalism. I would utilize his services again.Thank you again, Mark!
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez
03:18 09 Jul 22
Mike, made this happen, kept me informed, did all negotiations, when vehicle arrived and ready for pick up was only at dealer for 1.5hrs the quickest ever. everything we wanted he made it happen.Thanks again
David Sackett
David Sackett
19:17 19 Jun 22
Professional. Experienced. Knowledgable. Outstanding service. 2019 Cadillac CTS V-Sport Premium Luxury. I had been looking for a very particular model and version of this car. After a couple of months of searching I realized I needed some assistance to find the exact car, which likely would not be found locally. I found Your Car Buying Advocate online, read the reviews, and decided to call them. Mike, Martin and I had a call to discuss what I was looking for, and what our shared expectations would be. We agreed that we were a great fit. Martin helped my find the perfect car out of state. Martin handled all of the dealer negotiations on my behalf. They referred e to a transport company, who delivered the car to my door at a very reasonable cost. Martin also researched and advised me with the best way to sell my 2011 Cadillac CTS. From start to finish Martin successfully managed a great purchase. He was always available for my calls or texts The best car buying experience I have had.
Tony Tilleskjor
Tony Tilleskjor
21:53 05 May 22
Recently worked with Mike to find a Jeep Grand Cherokee L in a very specific trim with the rare V8, and he was able to find a source a good deal in just a couple of days, and negotiated a price myself and my wife were very happy with. Thanks for the help Mike - the Jeep has been great so far!
Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart
04:30 03 Apr 22
After a frustrating experience test driving 3 different new cars, I just gave up & went home. There had to be a better way, an independent consultant to take over my headaches and find the perfect 2022 car for me. After a quick search I found Your Car Buying Advocate! A free no pressure call and they took it all over! I relaxed while they did all the leg work finding a car based on my exact needs. 6 days later and I closed on the perfect car only 20 minutes away! Thanks Mike & Joe!
R Turner
R Turner
19:40 12 Jan 22
Mike helped my wife and I locate and purchase an out-of-state, 2020 Sienna earlier this year, and I’m 100% convinced that Mike saved us hundreds between the trade-in and the financing. We had issues with the dealership, but Mike was invaluable as our voice. He uses car dealers’ own tricks against them, got us more for our trade-in than I would’ve been able to, and got a financing rate that was lower than my credit union’s best rate. I will 100% be using his services again.
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