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This is our car buying tips blog with tricks dealerships hope you don’t know. As consumer advocates,  we’ll never sell your information to anyone, including dealerships.

Confessions of a Former Car Salesman

car buying tips BLOG

Confessions of a former car salesman

This is my story. How I left the car dealership to become a consumer advocate. Just the beginning...

As they say… Knowledge is Power


Mike walks you through the three ways to get Ford supplier price for X-Plan or the Ford Friends and Family Discount.

Ask Amy Podcast

Consumers want to know if Dealerships Can Charge Over MSRP in 2023. MSRP is a suggested retail price. Essentially, they can charge what they want, but listen to me discuss how to get the best deal with Amy and her viewers.

are car brokers worth it decision map

Are car brokers worth it? That depends on what defines worth, your money savings, knowledge about car buying, time? We'll help you decide if a car broker is worth hiring

Monique Clark

Monique Clark serves as a YCBA car concierge in Vero Beach, Florida. She also works with and for car buyers all over the USA.

car shipping guide

Worried about shipping your car? This comprehensive guide covers the ten most asked car shipping questions including where to get a shipping quote, choosing the best carrier, to when to arrange for shipping.

Find a car invoice price

Knowing how to find a car invoice price or the exact MSRP of a vehicle is helpful in doing a vehicle search. In this short video, Mike walks you through finding a dealer cost, or invoice price, using NADA. Knowing this information makes it easier to do a more targeted vehicle search and for negotiating.

Car Buying Concierge

Consumers need access to more independent car buying concierge services. We are excited to announce that we are too busy to keep up with the demand for our full car buying concierge service.

shark tank audition fail

Want to know what it's like auditioning for Shark Tank? Watch our Shark Tank Audition fail video.

Why we chose our logo

Why we chose our logo. There was no real method to our madness for why we chose our logo, a crown and car. But it certainly wasn’t a choice we made lightly.  Your logo represents your brand. It should be …

car dealer not honoring internet price

A car dealer not honoring internet price, is a very common phenomenon. Today I am talking about it.

Car Negotiator

As a professional car negotiator and car buying expert, I didn't hesitate to Go LIVE on Facebook with Emmy Award Winning - Consumer Reporter, Amy Davis at KPRC- Click-2-Houston to answer consumer car-buying questions like this common one: How To Beat The Car Salesman.

car buying consultant business

I almost gave up on my car buying consultant business, Your Car Buying Advocate Inc. There were a lot of naysayers when my car buying consultant dreams first started.​