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This is our car buying tips blog with tricks dealerships hope you don’t know. As consumer advocates,  we’ll never sell your information to anyone, including dealerships.

Confessions of a Former Car Salesman

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As they say… Knowledge is Power

first time car buyer

The first time buying a car produces lots of excitement. It also can stress buyers out. Ever name your first car (your baby)? Totally ridiculous? Or a Must do? I remember a friend who named her first car. Actually, I …

how to negotiate a car deal

This blog exists to teach you how to negotiate a car deal. I find that stories are really good tools for learning. So today I want to share a story about negotiating a car deal in pieces and what I did to get my client a good deal.

auto broker

There is big difference between a traditional auto broker and independent car buying concierge services, like YCBA, for example.

make car dealers compete for your business

To make car dealers compete for your business, you’ve got to put in a lot of work.  Dentist of dealership? If you ask 100 people if they would rather visit the dentist or visit a car dealership to buy a …

car price

How to know if it's a good car price. Vehicle sale price isn't the only factor in a car deal. You've got to have knowledge of the whole deal.

car budget

Let’s discuss what you should consider when establishing a car budget for your new vehicle. In fact, let’s talk in a comprehensive and long term way for how to budget for a car. I talk to each of my clients …

As a former car salesman, in my opinion, there are 6 types of car buyers who tend to get the worst car deal and are more likely to be ripped off. Here’s what I’ve learned about who gets the best …

sell a car

I’ll take you down a decision-making process to help you determine whether to trade in or whether to try to sell a car private party.

what not to say to a car salesman

Ever wonder what not to say to a car salesman? Or how to deal with car salesman? We'll teach you what not to say.

things to know before buying a car

These are five main things to know before buying a car. Car Shopping can be daunting. When you journey for a new or pre-owned car purchase, start here before you buy a car without an expert or advocate. Wouldn’t it be …

car buying mistakes

Let's talk about the 5 Car Buying Mistakes people make. It's a complicated transaction; buying a car. You have got to come in with the knowledge and confidence to make yourself a fair and even better good deal.