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The many consumers searching for better car buying experiences motivated us to bring expert car buyers and negotiators on board to join our mission.

Our expert advocates have taken on the task of revolutionizing the car buying experience for consumers and are dedicated to making car buying and selling painless and less time-consuming.

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Contact Us.  We make the car buying experience easy. You hire an expert for other big purchases, but why shouldn’t you have an expert advocating in the car buying process? We’re building a network of car buying advocates to help consumers make well-informed car-buying decisions.

Mike is the founder of YCBA and a former high-performing car salesman turned car-buying consumer advocate. He spends his days breaking the rules the auto industry has set for the consumer buying process. He’s got a love for God, his wife, and his three kids. Mike serves consumers in all the 50 states.

Martin is a YCBA franchise owner. His passion, knowledge and love of cars combined with his strong ethic to serve the consumer makes his car concierge service a valuable and personal experience. When not serving clients, he can be found spending time outside mountain biking, snowboarding, training for triathlons, and traveling with his wife, Hana. Martin serves consumers in all the 50 states.